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Improve your credit score

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Making your credit score work harder for you

Survey: Only 40% of car-buyers check their credit before major purchase

Are you hunting for a new car and wondering how this purchase might affect your credit? A new survey from WisePiggy.com shows that consumers aren’t always checking their credit score and ...

Credit card rewards and savings

Is paying an annual fee on a credit card worth it?

One of Leslie Tayne's go-to credit cards is an American Express that carries an annual fee. This might sound like a big no-no to many. Why pay when so many credit ...

Save on your mortgage

4 legitimate ways house hunters can quickly boost their credit scores

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Ideas to help you reduce your debt

Everything you need to know before settling debt

It can be tempting to settle past debt amounts with collectors, but it's not a decision that should be made lightly. A debt settlement can affect your taxes, and it ...
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