A Get Wise
Guide to Personal Loans
Find the best personal loans for your credit profile, connect with unbiased reviews and use our expert advice to borrow wisely.
Personal loans can be powerful tool to help you pay down credit card debt, secure much-needed cash for emergencies, or help with major home project. But with a boom in lending among unsecured personal loan providers, it can be confusing.

Here's what you will learn in this guide :

How to find the
right lender
for your
unique situation

What you can use a
personal loan
for, from
weddings to vacations

Benefits of
consolidating debt

to pay it down faster

The pros and cons of bundling bank services

People often keep all their accounts at a single bank out of force of habit, but there may be some advantages to spreading your banking around.

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Avoiding bait-and-switch with high yield CDs

Shop safely for higher-yielding CDs and avoid misleading promotions.

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Credit challenges for the self-employed home-buyer

Why being self-employed presents special credit challenges and how to address them.

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A gardener's guide to investing

Gardening and investing may have more in common than you think. Review advice to improve both before spring arrives.

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Financial advice - one size does not fit all

Be cautious about taking generalized financial advice; rarely does one-size fit all.

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