A Get Wise
Guide to Personal Loans
Find the best personal loans for your credit profile, connect with unbiased reviews and use our expert advice to borrow wisely.
Personal loans can be powerful tool to help you pay down credit card debt, secure much-needed cash for emergencies, or help with major home project. But with a boom in lending among unsecured personal loan providers, it can be confusing.

Here's what you will learn in this guide :

How to find the
right lender
for your
unique situation

What you can use a
personal loan
for, from
weddings to vacations

Benefits of
consolidating debt

to pay it down faster

Personal loans for bad credit risks

Personal loans for bad credit risks may not be easy to find, but they exist. Learn which are the best personal loans if your credit scores are not what you'd like them to be.

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Wedding loans for your dream destination

Sometimes cost can be a deciding factor in your wedding location. Find out whether a personal loan is the right way to pay for the perfect locale.

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3 New Year's Eve destinations to finance

Another year is almost gone. Where will you be when the clock strikes the New Year? Learn how personal loans for holidays cover costs for a New Year's trip to three top destinations for celebrating.

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Essential New Year resolutions for financial health

It is possible to save money by consolidating debt and you can improve your credit score while you're at it. Follow these steps in the New Year.

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3 home improvements to make this fall

Make important home improvements this fall and use these tips to pay for them.

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Going big on your wedding proposal

You're excited to get engaged and want the proposal to be memorable. Here are some ideas for spectacular engagements and how to pay for the.

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When and how to use personal loans for medical bills

Personal loans for patients can provide immediate funding for health care procedures and can be less costly to repay than credit card debt.

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When holiday loans make sense

Used responsibly, holiday loans can help you finance a memorable Christmas.

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Need Thanksgiving cash? Try a holiday loan

Holiday loans, or unsecured personal loans for holidays, can be helpful if used wisely. Understand when to tap into this financing option.

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Applying for a personal loan: documentation

Use our checklist to be sure you gather everything you need when applying for personal loans.

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Personal loans: co-signers

If you have limited credit or bad credit, it can be essential to get a co-signer for a personal loan. Consider these options carefully.

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Pay for your big day with a wedding loan

Lower your borrowing costs with a smart wedding loan, rather than relying on credit cards to finance your ceremony and reception.

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Save big on your next trip with travel loans

Used wisely, personal loans can enable you to capture travel discounts and simplify paying off a big trip.

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7 credit tips for caregivers

Caregiving can strain your finances and your credit. Use these tips to ease the economic burden when caring for a loved one.

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Personal loan agreement: explained

Understand all sections of your personal loan agreement and find out how terms can vary. Get the personal loan contract that best meets your needs.

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Personal loans for medical bills

The average charge for an emergency room visit came to $1,233, which was 40 percent higher than the average American's monthly rent. Personal loans can be life-saving.

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Personal loans with no credit check

A low credit score doesn't eliminate your ability to borrow, but it can make personal loans more costly. Understand your options and the associated pros and cons.

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Personal loans for recent college graduates

Personal loans can have several advantages for recent college graduates, but they should be used carefully. Understand when they can help.

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Personal loans for students: 3 things you need to know

When funding from student loans isn't enough to cover all your costs while you're in school, personal loans might help. Use them only for essentials.

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Wedding loans: 4 ways they can save the day

Used wisely, personal loans for weddings can help you pay for your ceremony and reception. Understand when these loans make sense.

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Growing your small business: 3 financing sources

Federal, state and personal loans may all be available to grow your small business. Understand your options and select the funding source that best meets your needs.

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Unsecured personal loans
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How shopping for a personal loan impacts credit
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Debt-to-income ratio too high for a personal loan?

Let's say all those zero-percent credit card balances have jumped to their much higher interest rates, and your debt-to-income ratio is too high to qualify for a personal loan. What is your next financial move? Should you try for a smaller loan amount? Or is it best to focus on increasing income?

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Personal loans for home improvements

A personal loan is one way to pay for a home improvement project. Find out if a personal loan is the right decision for you and your project. 

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    Get Wise Guide to Financial Elder Abuse

    This financial elder abuse resource page provides an overview of financial elder abuse, the risks to seniors, likely perpetrators and how seniors and their loved ones can protect this vulnerable population from financial harm.

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    11 Things You Can Fund With a Personal Loan

    Some lenders list more than a dozen uses for its personal loans, from funding vacations to starting a business. Here are some common scenarios, including debt consolidation, paying for a wedding and even paying for a divorce.

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    Personal Loan Rates

    It's a common scenario. Expenses crop up and you need cash – fast.

    Credit cards are an easy fix, but they can easily sock you with high interest rates. U.S. households are also now turning to the personal loan market when they need cash, whether for a milestone event, such as a wedding, or to consolidate debt into a more manageable, lower rate.

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    Personal loan fees: Four types you should understand

    When shopping for a personal loan, it's important to investigate fees, including origination fees and prepayment fees. 

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    Personal Loan Lenders by State

    This guide will show you how to find personal loan lenders in your state with flexible terms and low fees for any use, including vacations, weddings, medical emergencies and more.

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    Best Personal Loans for Good, Average, Fair and Bad Credit – Rates and Reviews

    Paying down debt can seem like a long, slow exercise in frustration. It doesn’t have to be. New personal loan products can help you consolidate debt quickly and, in some cases, even improve your credit score. Use our expert research to quickly scan which lenders and offers best match your needs.

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    Refinancing a personal loan: What you need to know

    Refinancing a personal loan could get you a lower APR and payments, but make sure to keep these four things in mind. 

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    Get Wise Guide to Debt and Borrowing

    Learn about debt consolidation, personal loans, types of debt, interest rates and how to get and stay out of debt. 

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    Personal loans: When they can be the right choice for you

    Here are five situations when a personal loan could make sense for you. 

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    Seven things to know before applying for a personal loan

    Before applying for a personal loan, you should know how they differ from other ways to borrow money to decide whether a personal loan is the best choice for you.  

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    WisePiggy Study Shows Most Americans Can't Afford Financial Emergencies

    A WisePiggy analysis shows that most Americans are ill-prepared for a major financial emergency. Learn how you can protect your family and your credit.

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    Personal loan or credit card: What’s the better way to go?

    When deciding between a personal loan and a credit card, it’s important to understand the differences to see what's right for you. 

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    FinTechs provide another option for personal loan borrowers

    FinTechs have grown to become leaders in the personal loan market. In fact, according to a survey released by TransUnion, FinTech lenders have surpassed banks, credit unions and traditional finance companies in personal loan issuance to near prime and prime consumers.

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    Can personal loans be included in bankruptcy?
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    Do personal loans count as income?
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    Will a personal loan affect a mortgage application?

    A personal loan and your debt-to-income ratio can impact a mortgage application. The debt-to-income ratio is what mortgage lenders use it to see what kind of risk you are for default. If you already have a personal loan, that could affect whether you get approved for a mortgage. 

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    Can personal loans be tax deductible?
    In order to determine whether the interest paid on a personal loan is deductible, you must apply the tracing rules. Those rules state that if you can prove that the loan funds were used for business or investment purposes the interest can be deducted.
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    Questions to ask before taking a personal loan

    Choosing a personal loan requires you to weigh several factors, including how much you'd like to borrow. With loans available up to $35,000, it pays to compare. 

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    Bad credit or good credit, here's how to improve your credit score

    Borrowers can increase their credit score when they consolidate and pay off credit card debt. How can you improve your score? Here are some strategies for boosting that all-important number.

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    How to Get a Low Rate on a Personal Loan

    Whether your FICO score is 640, 720 or over 800, here are six things to do to get the best rate on a personal loan.

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    Online Loans Terms and Conditions

    Do you know what's in your loan? Don't forget the terms and conditions.

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    Secured vs. Unsecured Personal Loans

    Personal loans can be secured or unsecured. Learn the difference.

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    Down Payments and Personal Loans: A Complete Guide

    An in-depth guide to understanding what you can -- and cannot -- use for a down payment, including the latest information on using a personal loan.

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